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Ultimate's Mini-Comics is a 1 issue Mini Comic Series I will do on the wiki every month. I will do 1 issue on every page of Mini-Comics. I hope you like them and if you don't YOU'RE BANNED; Just kidding on the you're banned part.

Issue 1Edit

Page 1:

Bardock: Hello, my fellow friends

Goku: Hey dad

Gohan and Goten: Hey grandpa

Bardock: I've been in pain from the thing with Frieza.

Goku: Still? Well Frieza was a brutal man

  • Trunks shows up*

Trunks: Oh hey guys

Badock: Hi Trunks, I don't think we have been introduced

Trunks: Oh yeah we haven't, My name's Trunks and i've the son of Prince Vegeta

Bardock: My name's Bardock and I'm the father of Kakar...I mean Goku and the Grandfather of Gohan and Goten

Trunks: Well nice to meet you

Page 2:

Goku: Hey Trunks

Trunks: Oh hey Goku, your dad seems very nice, can he go Super Saiyan 4 like you?

Bardock: I can go past Super Saiyan 4

Trunks: Y-You mean you can go Super Saiyan 5, not even Broly came close to that power!

Bardock: Well, I was training on a distant planet, and I transformed into a Super Saiyan 5 on an eclipse

Trunks: Incredible!

Goku: Wow dad, can we fight Sometime?!

Bardock: Of course Kakarot

Goku: I'm not trying to be mean but I don't like being called by my original name

Gohan: How about I team up with Goten and you and my dad could team up

Bardock: That'll be great

Issue 2Edit

Goku: K dad, you ready

Bardock: Yep!


Goku: Who are you

Man: I am Ghostmongasaur!!!!

Goku: Who?

Ghostmongasaur punches Goku



Bardock blasts Ghostmongasaur

Page 2:

Ghostmongasaur: GRAAAH!!!!!!!!!

Bardock: CRAP!

Gohan and Goten fuse to become Gohen

Gohen: Get away from them!

Ghostmongasaur: And what if I don't!

Gohen: Then I'll do this!

Gohen uses Kamekamesenko!

Ghostmongasaur: AHH AHH, ARGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ghostmongasaur is killed by the blast

Issue 3Edit

Gohen defuses

Goku: We can finally train

Goten and Gohan fuse again to become Gohen and charge at Goku

Goku: You need to learn a lesson

Goku punches Gohen in the stomach and then uses a Kaio-Ken Spirit Bomb on him

Gohen: Huff, Huff, Pant Wow dad

Bardock: Ultimate Kamehameha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The attack leaves Gohen in bad shape

A man shows up

The Man: I see you are good fighters, so come to my tournament to battle it out with the universe's ultimate fighters. Tommorow at 6:00 PM

The man leaves a note saying what he just said and it is signed Ultimate.

Last IssueEdit

Goku: We're finally here

Announcer: The first battle is Goku vs Naruto!

Goku: WHAT?!

Naruto: You ready?

Goku: Of course!

Goku easily defeats Naruto and he advances to the last battle for some reason

Eventually the last competetors are Goku, Ultimate, and Iron Spider

Iron Spider: Ultra Webs!

Iron Spider's Ultra Webs trap Goku and Iron Spider knocks him out of the ring

Ultimate: Ultimate Slash!

That attack knocks Iron Spider out of the ring

Announcer: Ultimate's the winner!